Armada (Copenhagen, Denmark 2007)
The buildings and boats could be from a hundred years ago, giving timelessness
to this picture of vibrant colour and
perfect light.

Masts (Copenhagen, Denmark 2007)
Another picture of the local scene, waterway in the middle of the city, and
all the masts lined up, like a
synchronized salute.

Waterside (Bruges, Belgium 2007)
Century old buildings float on water under a clear sky, proportions perfect, seemingly entirely still and quiet. A postcard of tranquility.

Propellers (Copenhagen, Denmark 2007)
Windmills in Copenhagen silhouetted on the water, just as the sun goes down. The fluidity of the water, the unbending structure of the windmills compliment each other, while the diluted colour gives the entire shot an unearthly quality.

Long Stretch (Copenhagen, Denmark 2007)
Looking like a fragile band straddling a huge breadth of water, this bride breaks up the monotone of sky and water, making for a striking image.