In June, 2014 Marsha and Marty took a river boat cruise on the Danube from Budapest to Bucharest. The tour included 3 days in Budapest at the start and 3 days in Bucharest at the end and 7 nights on the boat. The boat sailed at night and there were tours every day. Along the way stops included towns and cities in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. Amazing sights; extraordinary history and vibrant cultures in juxtaposition with the struggles that have come with the transition to democracy and the rule of law and free market economies. So many highlights; so many fabulous photographs, but the highlights were the “Iron Gates” along the river, Budapest and Bucharest and of course Dracula’s Castle!

In 2008, Marty and Marsha took to the Holy Land. Flying into Israel, they were awed by the history, the culture, the visual delights - both natural and man made - and eagerly explored the country, absorbing everything on offer. Crossing the border into Jordan, they were treated further to the ancient ruins of Petra, Roman ruins of Jeras, and the vast Jordanian wilderness. A part of the world where the breadth of human history is marked by monuments like the Roman aqueducts and the modern-age kibbutz built centuries apart, the allure of Israel and Jordan was beyond all expectation.

In September of 2007, Marty and Marsha drove to Maryland to investigate Chesapeake Bay, home of the largest estuary in the United States, and hotbed of colonial curios. Fueled by a steady diet of fresh crab, and making their base Chestertown, by the Chester River, Marty and Marsha immersed themselves in the history of the American Revolution and the natural delights of the terrain. The weather was hot, the sites were beautiful, and the people laid-back and friendly. It was the ideal way to spend their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Marty and Marsha were determined to get on a boat. And that’s what they did in June of 2007 when they boarded a ship in Stockholm. The countries they made port of calls included Estonia, Russia- where they were awed by the expanse of St. Petersburg- Finland, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. It was a major tour of waterways, incredible architecture, and varied cultures. The pictures from this gallery are markedly different terrain for Marty, more of an urban landscape, with an actual real-live person or two allowed to take precedence in the frame!

The small, stately city of Naples on the Southwest coast of Florida, is Marty’s annual retreat for rest, relaxation and margaritas. But just because it’s an oft visited locale, doesn’t mean it has lost the ability to inspire. The pictures in this gallery take a fresh look at a classic place.

Capturing the beauty of Caledon has been one of Marty's particular passions. Currently this gallery features fall and winter scenes from Cedar Creek Farm and the surrounding countryside. See how the autumn colours move together in one last dance before the cold and beautiful Ontario snows blanket field, valley, and tree.

From the beauty of the seasons in Caledon to the chiseled, wind swept rock of the US South West. Photographs that capture the beauty and character of the lands we know so well and those that remain shrouded in native legend.

Finally Marty and Marsha get to visit what some would consider one of the most beautiful destinations on earth, Capri and Italy’s Amalfi Coast. A rugged and stunning coastal paradise steeped in history and rich in culture.

Scenery and architecture from the historic city and the surrounding towns.

Take a visual journey in the land down under and experience the rugged land and seascapes of Australia.

This gallery is home to photos from various trips that Marty has taken over the years, including some of the great photos that didn't make it into the current galleries, including Australia, Utah, and the Grand Canyon.