(Negev Desert, Israel, 2008)

Darkness inks a honey expanse of sand and hills, seemingly without pattern, and as if with the intent to quietly expand.

Treasury (Petra, Jordan, 2008)
A glimpse at civilization, from a splinter in the wilderness. Intricate architecture glanced at through a rough-hewn frame.

(Oval Plaza, Jerash, Jordan, 2008)

Bleached, resilient, testifying to the existence of something that once was. Resounding in absence,
resonant on it's own.

Scallop (Jordan, 2008)
The shape of the clouds overhead is faintly scalloped and almost mimicked by the ground below. Both sky and earth share in a dim, muted palette.

Swatch (Jordan, 2008)
A ribbon of colour in the skyline, from mottled sunlight, with pink layered between stretches of grey blue sky and silhouetted plateaus.