The answer was of course no, so years later, in November 2005- the “Trip of Trips” was resurrected: M & M made their way to the notoriously beautiful Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy.

Flying into Naples, M & M jumped ship (a ferry in fact) to the island of Capri. They checked into the Villa Burnelli, a family owned hotel built into the side of a cliff, rooms stacked one on top of another, so every guest has a spectacular view of the water. From there, M & M proceeded to explore, what Marty describes as, “One of the most beautiful, romantic places ever”.

Hiking one of the numerous cliff-side trails, Marty took this shot “Faragliani Framed By Cypress”. Faragliani are the huge rocks sitting out in the water, seemingly gently placed one by one into the sea. This picture has them peeking out from a frame of cypress trees, the late afternoon light giving the water a pebbled texture.

The same hike yielded “Faragliani and Cypress Tree”, earlier in the day- when the light was high in the sky. The contrast of vivid green and blue, the depth of the cypress in the foreground and rocks in the back, make this a stunning portrait of land, water, and sky.

Exploring an island of immeasurable beauty is always nice- even nicer when you get to retire to a room that offers postcard views. “Marina Picola at Sunset Isle of Capri ” was taken from M & M’s terrace, as the sun slipped downwards, splashing a column of light on the water and a canopy of cypress providing an amazing silhouette.

The cliff-side hits continue with this vision of Mediterranean perfection in “Boats in Faragliani Bay”. A new day with more perfect light, and turquoise water hosting five boats -perfect miniatures, that in their lollygagging, give perspective to the rocks and cliffs surrounding them.