Under the same overcast sky, a speedboat races towards an endless horizon in “Marina Picola Framed by Cypress”. This shot is somehow both static and dynamic, with a splash of pink wildflowers offsetting an awning of green from the cypress trees.

Along with the Faragliani, Arco Naturelle is another landscape flourish of Capri. Erosions in the mountains make lovely apertures from which to see the water. In “Key” and “Key Hole”, sandy stone in the foreground, draws the eye out to sea, emphasizing not only the colour, but an idea of boundlessness beyond the rocks.

The four nights in Capri were almost over, but M & M’s explorations yielded two more incredible shots before it was time to go. Anacapri is another part of the island of Capri, and here Marty shot the ethereal “Sun, Sea, and Fog”. Riding a tram up a massive mountain, M & M reached the top- only to be confronted by a seriously foggy view. Staring into the sun (counter-intuitive though it may be for a photographer), Marty got this amazing picture of the light straggling through the mist, throwing reflections on the water. Also taken on Anacapri, and perhaps Marsha’s favourite photograph, is “Faragliani Pure and Simple” . Two lonesome rocks, standing beside each other for company, stark, beautiful, and also wearing a pinkish incandescent light.