Taking advantage of the moodily-lit day, Marty shoots a solitary boat in “Anchored”.There is a blue-grey cast to the entire picture, the mountains blurry, but still a undeniable presence, in the background- and all of it resonating stillness.  Blue-grey is rendered black in the next photograph “Priano at Sunset” - almost impenetrably dark except for the setting sun that casts light like liquid metal on the water. In “Positano Harbour at Dusk”, you have the same mountain silhouette as “Anchored”, a stretch of hills sliding into the water, but this time under a particular pink sky, and shifting clouds.

When M & M stopped for fuel, Marty grabbed one of the few interior shots of the trip. In the town of Ravello, M  & M stopped for lunch in a small bar. The garret-like room had a window with- what else- a view. As the sun danced through the glass, Marty took “Shutters” - the curved lines of iron, and straight edges of the wood, harmoniously set off by leaves, light and shadow.