Having ingested Positano and all its glory, M & M are on the road again. Driving along the Amalfi coast, through pastoral farmlands, they arrive in the wine country of Puglia. Bags are unpacked in their hotel, which formerly functioned as a Moorish fort. A day trip takes them to Alborello, a town home to structures called trullis. Dating back to 500 AD when the Bourbons controlled the region, trullis allowed the locals to evade the overlord’s tax man. Heavily taxed only on property with buildings on them, the locals would take down the strange conical houses when the collector came, and then put them up again when he left. “Trulli Town” shows the white washed buildings, a winding road between them, dark roofs, and a line of laundry giving contrast and texture.  “Trulli Triplex” documents the industriousness of a local and his two additions to his trulli. The three spires provide a geometric delight reminiscent of a fairytale.

M & M continue to travel the countryside, Marty enjoying a light that brings everything to life, landscape by turn rocky and lush, with balmy weather and fresh seafood every step of the way. He has in fact been redeemed, as Marsha realizes the “Trip of Trips” was worth the wait.