Kangaroo Island is a nature preserve, accessed by a drive through one of Australia's paramount wine regions, followed by a ferry ride. After communing with "Roos" and other wildlife, M & M walked the cliff tops, waves of the Artic Sea crashing below them.

"Lighthouse" (Kangaroo Island, 2002) was taken here, an abandoned, but exquisitely maintained structure, shot looking up at a 30 degree angle, and filling almost the entire frame of the picture.

Australia's northeast hub of Cairns, port-of-call for the rainforest country and the Great Barrier Reef, was the next scheduled stop. Marsha, true to form, dips into a shop, and Marty patrols the harbor and takes "Masts" (Cairns, Australia 2002). Sailboats glide by, passing underneath dark clouds, white masts all lined up in some sort of stoic show of camaraderie.