At dawn, the eco lodge staff shepherds their guests onto the Daintree River. Marty, photographer's keen eye awake at 5:30 am, takes a number of shots, freeze-framing the roiling mists and pinning down the reflections of clouds in the water.

These are "Reflections- Right Bank" (Daintree River, Australia 2002)and "Reflections- Left Bank" (Daintree River, Australia 2002). The air was pure and the light perfect. The result was a pegged-in bit of limitlessness.

After the Daintree River, there was a visit to Cape Tribulation. It was here that Captain Cook, having inadvertently crashed his boat, but finding that the coral filled the gash, was able to mend his craft and be on his way- to be eaten elsewhere, at another time.

With miles of national park beaches stretching before him, cannibals were the furthest thing from Marty's mind. Instead, he thought of a lone mangrove tree, waiting out the low tide, roots bared and vulnerable to the clear sky. He took its picture and called it "Mangrove" (Cape Tribulation, Australia 2002) .