But above the water Marty captured the spectacular "Sunset" (Green Island, Australia 2002). In a veritable ode to the Old Testament, a slice of light strains through overwhelmingly dark clouds, picking out a buoy in the water below, and faintly setting it off from the surrounding gloom.

Making their way from Green Island, M & M finally arrived in Sydney, settling down in accommodations that overlooked the famous harbor. Shots of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera house were quickly snapped off, but the keeper is the simple "Entrance" (Sydney, Australia 2002), showing a sailboat at the narrow mouth of the harbor,

A couple hours west of Sydney, through fog and rain on a serpentine road, awaited the final destination of the trip: The Blue Mountains. Preparing to be entranced by these looming topographical wonders, Marty was dismayed to find- upon flinging open his shutters in the morning - the same fog and rain as the night before. Complaining loudly, and goaded by Marsha, Marty still picked up his camera and headed out.

In the garden of a former manor house, Marty took "Everglades Mist" (Blue Mountains, Australia 2002), a moody portrait of a tree limb, surrounded by forest, with the inevitable lonely vapor clinging to the trees like fine, wet gauze.