The famous Ontario Lake Country, where vivid sunsets and sunrises bookend perfect days spent on the water. In this series, Marty captures the classic Canadian scene, and all its permutations of sun and water.

Displaying the photographs taken during a two-week trip into the heart of the famed Four Corners plateau, this gallery is a tribute to Marty's love of Arizona. The breadth of the sky, and the landscape's natural contrast of colour and proportion provide it a visual artist's dream.

Returning to the Southwest, enamoured of its culture and geography, Marty and Marsha started out in the town that inspired famed painter Georgia O'Keefe: Santa Fe. But man-made structures weren't what captured Marty's interest. The contortions of sand and stone that marked this desert landscape, in all their varying shapes, sizes and colours, would be the fodder for this gallery.